A political roadmap for employee ownership in Europe nov2015

Information published by EU Federation of Employee Share Ownership, November 4, 2015, explaining the exponential growth of employee ownership in EU in USA.

Capital and the Debt Trap Learning from Cooperatives in the Global Crisis

A book by Claudia Sanchez Bajo & Bruno Roelants, published in 2011, explaining how the conventional economy got trapped in the debt due to the lack of transparency and control, and why the cooperative business model are the possible alternative. Published also in Slovene, in 2015.

Cass BS Study employee ownership advantage benefits and consequences

A study from July 2012, prepared at Cass Business School, University of London, explaining the advantages of employee ownership on the case of John Lewis Partnership.

Corporate Management Model Mondragon

A document by Mondragon Cooperativa Corporation, explaining their business model in detail.

Directing Democracy The Case of JLP

A PhD thesis by Abby Carthcart, School of management, University of Leicester, september 2009, explaining the contribution of JLP to the understanding of co-ownership and democratically organised forms of work.

Guide to Employee Ownership John Lewis Partnership

An internal document by John Lewis Partnership, explaining the basics of employee ownership with the cases of good practice in UK, posted on their website.

In search of integrated model of HR, WP & organizational performance str 20

An academic paper by Jan Kees Looise, Nicole Torka and Jan Ekke Wigboldus, explaining the benefits of indirect forms of employee participation to better HRM and consequently on organizational performance.

Worker interest representation in Europe – Towards a better understanding of the pieces of a still unfinished jigsaw

The paper from 2014 in which authors Jagodzinski, Kluge & Stolt from ETUI-REHS examine the progressing Europeanisation by assessing in greater depth the experiences of EWCs and the growing extension of employee board-level representation.

Managing and resisting degeneration in two employee owned retaileres

A Journal Article by John Storey, Imanol Basterretxea Graeme and Salaman, published in 2014, presenting  a comparative study of two large employee-owned businesses in Spain (Eroski, Mondragon) and the UK (John Lewis Partnership).

SE Handbook BD

A book on worker involvement in the European Company by Michael Stollt and Elwin Wolters, published in 2011.

The Sustainable Company eBook

An e-book prepared by different authors, edited by Edited by Sigurt Vitols and Norbert Kluge, published in 2011, presenting a new approach to corporate governance – sustainability, connecting it to worker involvement.

Worker Participation 2030-Four Scenarios-ETUI

A book published by ETUI in 2010, edited by Michael Stollt and Sascha Meinert, presenting scenarios developed by a group of people interested in the topic of worker participation, coming from various countries and different backgrounds (trade union officials, works councillors, HR staff, researchers).


A report reviewing worker participation practices: a review of EU-OSHA case studies, published and commissioned by European Agency for Safety and Health at Work in 2012.

• Vključevanje zaposlenih - podlage za informiranje in posvetovanje (Generalni direktorat EU za zaposlovanje, socialne zadeve in vključevanje)
• Employee Involvement - Framework on Information and Consultation (DG Employment, Social Affairs & Inclusion)

Prehodi do informacij o udeležbi delavcev v Evropi
The gateways to information on worker participation in Europe


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