Programme European Commission DG for Employment, Social Affairs and Equal Opportunities   
Call Information, Consultation and Participation of Representatives of Undertakings
Title of the project DEMINE - Developing employee involvement in enterprises – through promotion of EU law and policies application in this area
Acronim DEMINE
Duration 1. october 2014 – 30. november 2015
Budget 151.723,17 EUR
Financing EU financial support: 136.535,68 EUR
Project partners co-financing: 15.187,49 EUR
Reference VS/2014/0370
Lead partner PRIZMA Foundation for Improvement of Employment Possibilities, an institution (Slovenia)

Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Štajerska (Slovenia)

Association of Free Trade Unions of Slovenia, Regional Organisation of Podravje and koroška (Slovenia)

Croatian Chamber of Economy, County chamber Krapina (Croatia)

Association of Independent Unions of Pancevo and Municipality (Serbia)


The main aim of the project is to strengthening transnational co-operation between workers' and employers' representatives in respect of employee involvement in Slovenia, Croatia and Serbia. Project aims at developing supporting tools for fostering employee involvement in undertakings – to better the process of influence on decisions to be taken within the company.
- To develop a tool to promote application of EU law as well as national laws on employee involvement among workers in undertakings;
- To build competences of employees representatives to be actively and efficiently involved in information, consultation and participation processes in undertakings;
- To raise awareness of management of companies and employers about the importance on employees involvement and promote positive effects of employee participation in company decision making;
- To promote the exchange of information and good practice aimed at creating favourable conditions for the setting up of information, consultation and participation bodies and mechanisms arising from the application of EU law on employee involvement.

Key activities of the project

With the purpose of network development that will strive to identify and exchange good practices and models on national and transnational context in the field of employee involvement in companies the following activities will be implemented:
- National focus Groups (NFG) set up, one in each partner’ country. In that way peer review process, constructive debate shall be assured. Members of NFG will exchange information, know-how, experiences andshare good practices related to information, consultation and participation of workers representatives in undertakings, nationally and transnationally.
- Three National Peer Review Sessions (National Forums), one in each partner’ country (Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia), to asses national situation as well as to exchange experiences, good practices and identify needs of workers and trade unions representatives and also employers in each country organized and implemented.
- Organisation and implementation of Transnational workshop/Forum in Croatia. On the workshop National focus groups members and other interested experts and stakeholders in the field of employee involvement will be invited to participate actively. Special attention will be given to comparative situation and good practice cases analysis identified in individual partner country.
Based on the discussions, exchange of know-how, good practices, conclusions of the National peer review Sessions and Transnational workshop, additionally with the respect of EU directives and national legislations, following tools will be developed:
- practical (user friendly) Handbook that will introduce tools and good practices to promote and introduce EU directives and national laws on employee involvement in undertakings business and management operational practices. Handbook will be elaborated and produced as printed versions and e-book in three languages (SI, HR, SERBIAN), e-version will also be designed in English;
- short informational training programme aimed to build competences of employees representatives and employers. The main aim of the training will be promotion of EU legislative in the field of employee involvement. Training will be last app. 8-10 hours and will have pilot implementation in each country.
With the purpose to attract interest and attain participation of target groups, key stakeholders, raise awareness among them and inform brother public during the project and after its end strong communication, awareness raising and dissemination campaign will be implemented. A strong communication and dissemination event present the final transnational conference in Slovenia. Conference will be organised and implemented based on the results of previously accomplished project activities and with the purpose to support follow up activities and further use of the results. The transnational conference will also present a tool to share developed approaches, solutions, initiatives and good practices in the field.

Target group

Target group of the project are representatives of all relevant actors in the labour market (like representatives of employers and representatives of employees) and economy as a whole. Indirectly or directly, we can say that target group consist of workers and employers in all of the hierarchical structures. Further, project concretely includes relevant stakeholders like relevant policy makers and other labour market organisations that are creating implementing and/ or supporting measures/programmes for the enterprises in employees’ development. Finally, the project targets also wider expert and laic public interested in the innovative model and approaches of employee involvement and the content of EU laws and policies in the area.


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With financial support from the European Union